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Is your website up but looking nothing like what you imagined? Do you know you need a website but don't know the first thing about how to get one?

I can definitely help.

Your website is your virtual storefront. Would you want a dilapidated semi-boarded up building to represent your livelihood? My gut tells me... probably not.

And you probably already know all of that. Like, obviously Brittani, I don't want a shitty website. No news there.

So, why spend hours trying to figure out how to work WordPress or what should go on each page? Running your business is exhausting enough -- don't lose traction over logistics.

That's valuable time you could be spending on your business and your customers doing what you love to do.

Let me do what I love to do and help you move your business forward.

  • looking for more than a basic slapped together website. you want it to tell your story and have a little soul.
  • already have a site running but it's... well, it needs some TLC, or you don't have a site yet at all
  • running your own business because you want freedom in your life -- whatever freedom means to you
  • willing to roll up your sleeves and get a bit dirty doing some mind-work
  • hoping to push your business forward in a big way
  •  looking for a little guidance from the universe to develop the best practices, solid strategies and have the best resources for what you do at your disposal
  • passionate about life, your job, your dog, your morning coffee or whatever is in your life at the moment
  • able to go with the flow and understand that flexibility is necessary sometimes

the process

step 1

Fill out the super short intake form.

step 2

Check out the welcome kit and pick a start date

step 3

I'll take everything you've told me and design a mock-up to send it to you for approval

step 4

Then I'll go into code-mode, build your site, test it and voilà... your site's live!

whatcha get

You're not the same as Ethel from Wisconsin who sells beard beads. Right? You're different.

You need different things which means one package doesn't necessarily fit all. We will work together to craft the kind of site you're proud of and one that grows your business.

But, because I know it's nice to see what you're getting before you get it -- here's some of the stuff I'll be doing for ya:

  •  domain & hosting setup & wordpress installation
  •  installing top security plugins to protect your site from weirdo hackers
  • SEO optimized code and content so people can find you via search engines
  • design and build custom page templates with your business personality and goals in mind
  • google analytics and social media integration
  • opt-in forms for list-building
  • custom intake form for potential clients/customers
  • custom banners/icons/typography as necessary
*packages start at $2500

Don't waste any more time wondering if a website will help your business or not -- I can tell you 100% it's gonna. It's gonna do so good you may have to turn people away, now wouldn't that be somethin'?

Still not sure or have questions? Feel free to email me so we can talk it out!