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Hey hey, I'm Brit />

I'm a front-end developer [which means I can code your website] and I'm a website designer [which means I can also make your website look kickass].

You're a business owner (or soon-to-be one) and you need a website that speaks to your customers while it oozes all the good stuff that makes you different and better than Joe-smoe.

I get really excited when things are functional and look cool -- I think there's a lack of that duo when it comes to the interwebs.

But your site?

It's going to blow them all out of the water. Why?

Because I am passionate about helping you succeed. I don't want to just write code and mess around in Photoshop for the hell of it.  I can do that in my spare time.

What I want is to use the things I love and am good at to help you do the things you love and are good at it. I want to help you find freedom in your life.

And I know from experience that a functional and well-designed site is gonna be hella useful getting you wherever it is you're trying to go.

So. Are you in?   <---[totally badass song by Incubus]

But seriously.

Are you ready to be seen, heard and to kill it with your business?

Grab a beverage and answer me a few questions so I can understand how to serve you best.

Come chat with me on facebook and on twitter @thespog.

Talk soon!


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